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Charisma Title

The new, interactive way of developing life-skills

An ideal, interactive tool to support schools in delivering their SEAL agenda

Ideal for companies interested in developing social and emotional intelligence within their workforce

The Charisma game has 6 personality types (1 is the best and 6 is the worst). Your aim is to get to No. 1 (The Problem-Solver) before anyone else. You do this by answering questions from six different categories that test your social and emotional intelligence.

The 6 categories are:

Empathy, Sensitivity, Humility, Gesture, Tone, Praise

The 6 Personality Types are:

The Problem-Solver
The Negotiator
The Healer
The Friend
The Blagger
The Bully

Each player is also given a mission which they have to complete successfully before the game ends.
There are also gambles, miss-a-go and steps on the path you want to avoid.

‘Charisma’ is an addictive learning tool helping to develop social and emotional intelligence in people of all ages.

Can you charm your way home…?




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