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18 Skills for Independent Learning

The '18 Skills' programme builds on from ‘The 5 Skills’ programme and is centred around 1. Teamwork 2. Motivation 3. Thinking (PLTS). The 18 skills programme includes ’The 5 skills programme’ + 13 new skills. The 12 new skills are are: 1.Engaging 2 Praise 3.Sensitivity 4.Desire 5.Drive 6.Stamina 7.Confidence 8.Pride 9.Interrogation 10.Hypothesis 11.Categorisation 12.Visualising 13.Hierarchy. The '5 Skills' programme is the starter programme for the development of PLTS (Personalised Learning and Thinking Skills).

The programme includes a quiz for each skill, providing a powerful assessment tool for learners, teachers and leaders.

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